Become an artisan of Peace and discover the various ways to support the IDLTP!

The celebration of this International Day for Living Together in Peace, placed under the banner of Education for a Culture of Peace, seeks to place Peace at the very heart of learning and school programs, from the very earliest ages.

You share our vision and wish to make your own contribution to its success?

There are numerous ways to do just this….and they can all work together!

Whether you are interested in supporting this project financially, through the sharing of skills, or simply by helping to make it known, there is a place for each and every person in our community of support!

  1. Financial contribution :

You can give financial support to each edition of the IDLTP.  Every donation, be it large or small, makes a real difference, and brings us that much closer to the desired goal.  Whether it be through campaigns for financial participation or through direct donations or sponsorships, your financial support is essential to make the project move forward.

To learn more about financial support for the 2024 IDLTP

  1. Volunteer work and skill-sharing.

If you wish to make a personal investment in a more direct way for the promotion of Living Together in Peace, you can offer to share your specific know-how.

Whether you are an expert in graphic arts or a web designer, or even simply able to make a commitment to share some of your free time, you have come to the right place!  By sharing your skills and your time, you contribute to reinforcing the volunteer team of artisans of Peace and thus help to further the project in a meaningful way.  Each skill has its place, as Living Togetherness means working together!

  1. Sharing and Promotion.

You can also support this project by making it known to those around you.

Whether it is by talking about the IDLTP to your entourage (family and friends), by sharing our publications on your social media networks, or by making it known in your professional network, each effort to promote this project counts.  The more we increase its visibility in the broad public sphere, the more this project will attract the attention of people who are concerned with Peace, and the more we will be able to mobilize the resources needed to achieve its goals.

  1. Sponsoring and Partnerships.

Finally, if you are a business or an organization, private or public, you can become a partner or a sponsor of this project, and thus join the growing number of already-existing supporters on an international scale.  By establishing a partnership with us you can benefit from enhanced visibility on a local, regional or even international level through a positive investment in the defence of Peace in the world, and gain the satisfaction that comes from supporting an innovative and promising initiative for the youth of today and future generations.

Whatever means you choose to support the IDLTP, each action counts in the quest for a more peaceful Humanity, rich in its diversity.

Contact us to discuss the different ways to work together:

Thank you for your support and your enthusiasm!

The IDLTP Team

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