2023 IDLTP


The celebration of the 2023 IDLTP highlights Education for the Culture of Peace.

More than a festive day, the event is a valuable tool for mobilization, action, and mediation to reconcile and pacify our humanity. Today more than ever, it constitutes a primary lever to raise awareness and promote Education for the Culture of Peace. It transmits universal values such as benevolence, empathy, solidarity, respect for others, and the environment – all advancing excellence and allowing harmony with oneself, others, and the natural environment.

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the 2023 IDLTP.

2023 Agenda

Events of the 2023 IDLTP.

An Educational Project

AISA International NGO has developed an educational project based on innovative pedagogy, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and UNESCO’s action program to promote the Culture of Peace. It has been successfully tested by the Schools of the Maison de la Paix in Algeria, Indonesia, and the Netherlands – all accredited by public authorities. A team of practitioners and international experts is developing a dedicated platform for the purpose (www.culturedepaix.fr).

Turin, flagship City of the 2023 IDLTP

The city of Turin, Italy, has been selected to sponsor the 2023 IDLTP and host the European Conferences under the theme “The Mediation City as a Factor of Living Together in Peace.”  These meetings are organized by the European Association of Social Mediation CreE.A, with the participation of Sheikh Khaled Bentounes and in partnership with several European cities and personalities of mediation and the academic world.


Join our 2023 IDLTP!

AISA International NGO invites and encourages you to act for the promotion of Education for the Culture of Peace. Thus, without prejudice to the local initiatives that you may decide to implement to mark this day, the latter could be celebrated by:

  • Organizing one or more event(s) of your choice on the theme of Education for a Culture of Peace bringing together actors from the educational environment, associations, and foundations.
  • Arranging a presentation-debate based on the projection of one or more videos made available to you below.

UNESCO Chair “For a Culture of Economic Peace”

« If human beings have once come together to join their workforce, it was above all to strive for a better life together and allow themselves to take care of each other, including in an environment of tension or competition. In our vision, the wealth created is not an end in itself. It participates in the means that will make it possible to achieve this goal for the benefit of the society of today and tomorrow. »

Dominique Steiler, holder of the Economic Peace Chair

Peace is learned like math or football!

“So, our happiness, our well-being does not come from what we own, nor from what we do, but from how we live it! our relationship with beings, activities and things. »


Thomas d’Ansembourg, former lawyer at the Brussels Bar, author, lecturer, and trainer in self-knowledge and human relations. He is the author of the bestseller « Stop being nice, be real » – published in 2001.

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Exhibition: History of IDLTP

Exhibition: The Wall of Peace

Press pack

View and download the press pack in English

Almere Peace School, Netherlands

House of Peace in Mostaganem, Algeria

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